I was suffering from eye floaters for months. My doctor advised me to wear glasses and prescribed me few supplements. I didn’t see much improvement and the same doctor advised me go for laser treatment. I started to take 2 TF Adv and 30ml Riovida 2 times daily. I saw improvement within few days and after 2 months I realized I don’t have the problem anymore. I had Back pain and knee pain after my first delivery. I was on pain killers. Now the pain too has disappeared.

SELVAKUMARI - Difficulties To Raise Arm
I couldn’t raise my arm above shoulder for few months. I was on painkiller and physiotherapy didn’t help me much. I was introduced to 4Life products and took 2 TF Adv and 30 ml riovida 2 times daily. Within one week, I saw improvement and now I don’t take painkiller and can raise my arm without problem.

I had thyroid problems for few years and the swelling was growingI started to take 2 TF Adv 3 times daily since May 16th, 2009. Since than, the swelling has reduced and I have stopped doctor’s medication. I feel much better and healthier now.

NORSHAMIM - Epilepsy
I had my 1st epilepsy attack when I was a 11 month baby and on medication since than. Even with medication I still warded in hospital monthly because of the attacks. After I took 30ml Riovida twice daily, the frequency of Epilepsy episodes has reduced lot. I feel much better, energetic and my back bone is much stronger now and the hunching has stopped from getting bend further.

SANTHI - Breast Lump
I was suffering with severe pain in my breast. My doctor diagnosed that there was a big lump. Biopsy was done but it was not cancerous and doctor advise me to remove the lump by surgery. I took 2 TF Plus and 30ml Riovida 3 times daily. Within 2 months the pain has subsided and the lump disappeared to the surprise of my doctor.

JANAKI - Senior Sports Women
I was always complaining of cold and was wearing jacket even on hot days. I couldn’t even sit in an aircon room. I started to take 2 TF adv 3 times daily and my problem disappeared within weeks. I started to join senior sport activities. Now I m representing the state on National level for Running and Big Walk and have won few medals. Soon I’ll representing the country. All these are possible just because of Transfer Factor.

On 12/8/09, at 11 am I received a call from my daughter’s school to bring her back because of high fever. I took her Kulim Hospital and the temperature was recorded as high as 39 degree. Some routine test done and two days later doctor confirmed she was infected with H1N1 virus. Immediately I was advised by Mr. Jega to take 2 caps of TF Plus and 60ml Riovida 3 times daily.Within 5 days , the follow up check up showed her result is negative from H1N1.

MRS. SELVAMANI - Thyroid Cancer
I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 1998. Surgery was done to remove the growth with my thyroid gland.1n 2004, another growth appeared and another surgery was done plus went through radioactive iodine treatment for 25 days. Every six months, I go for my routine check up and went for radioactive iodine treatment if there is a growth. I started to 4 TF Plus and 30 ml Riovida 3 times daily since Feb’2008. Since than, I feel much better and my routine check ups clear me from cancer.

MRS. SELVI - Brain Tumor
I was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2005. Surgery was done to remove the tumor. Due to that In 2008, the doctors found the tumor has grown again and advised me to go for another surgery and chemotherapy on August 2008, I started to take 4 TF Plus and 30 ml Riovida 3 times daily. After 2 weeks, I had some nose bleeding and went through healing crisis. I continued with the same dosage. Now, I am diagnosed free of tumor. I feel very energetic and feel much better. The position has improved much better and I am witnessing lot of improvement.

DEEP KAUR - Breast Cancer
About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer. Doctor advised me to go for surgery immediately and after that to go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I opted not to go for surgery but went for 10 cycles of radiotherapy. I took 4 tabs of TF plus and 30ml Riovida three times daily along with my radiotherapy. Now I am feeling my usual self and have put on the weight that I lost during radiotherapy. My routine check up is free from cancer cells.

I am a heart and a diabetic patient. Pacemaker was implanted 6 years ago in my heart.I was on many medications. About a year ago I started to feel very lethargic, weak and fainted few times. My cardiologist found my heart is very weak and put me on Viagra 100mg daily and took that daily for nearly 3 months until 4life products were introduced to me. I started to take cardio and 2 TF Adv 3 times daily. Within 3 days, I felt much relief and stopped Viagra. Now, I am still taking some other medications except Viagra and reduced the statin drug. I feel very energetic, the pumping efficiecy of my heart has improved and feel and work as a young woman. Even my complexion has improved.

PUAN. SITI FAIZAH - Darah Rendah, Migraine
Saya ialah pesakit tekanan darah rendah, uric asid tinggi, tangan kebas, migraine, selalu rasa loya dan kerap pengsan. Saya telah jumpa doktor banyak kali dan juga telah cuba beberapa jenis suplemen. Tetapi saya tidak dapat kesan yang diperlukan. Setelah 4 bulan yang lepas saya diperkenalkan dengan produk TF. Saya ambil 2 biji TF Adv dan 30ml riovida 3 kali sehari. Dalam 2 minggu saya telah mengalami kesan yang menakjubkan. Sekarang, saya sudah sembuh daripada semua simptom – simptom tadi dan mengalami kehidupan yang lebih cergas.

HJH. RAPHEAH - Retard Ageing
I am a lecturer who drives more than 50 km to and from work and I don’t have maid at home. I was introduced to TF and started to take 2 TF Adv and 30 ml riovida twice daily. I saw lot of improvements. I feel very energetic and my knee become much stronger. My skin becomes much younger and my students said I look very much younger. My husband also said, I looks much younger and we are very intimate and loving couple now.

UMMU KHALSOM - Depression, Pimples
I was having big pimples on my face for many years and was taking some strong antibiotics to control the outbreak. Two years ago due to stress from the school I went through some psychological problems and doctors diagnosed me with depression. I was going through counseling and few drugs. I went to see traditional healers also. I tried to isolate myself from family members and friends and hardly talk to people. The side of the treatment made me sleepy and zombie. A year ago, I started to take 2 TF Adv 3 times daily and started to see improvement within days. My mood became much better ad slowly my doctor took away the drugs from me and doctors have ruled out depression from me and going through normal life style. My pimples also disappeared and I look much better without any medications or facial creams for pimples. Thank You TF.

PUAN. MARIA IBRAHIM - Swollen Uterus, Lower Abdominal Pain
I got married at 21 and had 3 children by caesarian. After my third my child I started to have severe lower abdominal pain. The doctors advised me to remove the uterus which I declined and went for traditional massage which gave a short period of relief. I was on pain killers too relief the pain. In 2004, I was introduced to TF. I took 2 TF Adv 3 times daily and within the first month I started to feel better and within 3 months my problems have completely cleared. Because of transfer factor, I have managed to escape surgery.

I was diagnosed with AML in 2007 and went for 6 cycles of chemotherapy and many cycles of Radiotherapy. I lost weight, lost hair and almost gave up hope on life. When TF was introduced to me, I started to take 2 TF Advance and 30ml Riovida 3 times daily after my second Chemo. I started to see very good improvement. I felt more energetic, hair grew much faster, gained weight and responded well.

MS. MALA - Asthma
I was suffering from asthma since small and it became worse when I grow older. I used asthmatic puffs almost hourly and needed frequent nebulizers. At an average I get admitted into hospital 2 to 3 times in a month. I have tried many type of supplements and alternative treatments but didn’t see much improvement until I was introduced to TF. I took 2 capsules of TF Adv 2 times daily. For the first 2 weeks I went through terrible healing crisis but I was encouraged to continue. About 2 weeks later I saw fantastic improvements. Now, I stopped using nebulizer and rarely using asthmatic puffs. TF has brought new life into my life.

PUAN. RYN - Constipation
I was having constipation problem for many years. Most of the time I couldn’t even remember when did last I went to ease myself. I have tried many type of laxatives and tablets but they didn’t give much improvement for my problem until I was introduced to Tea4life. The first one week I took tea sachets of tea before go to bed and reduced to 1 sachet daily after one week. To my very surprise my problem has disappeared and now I can clean my bowel daily first in the morning.

PUAN. SALAMAH SALIM - Sakit Buah Pinggang
Sana telah menghidapi penyakit kencing manis, darah tinggi, jantung, buah pinggang, batu karang dan glocoma untuk beberapa tahun. Doktor beritahu, buah pinggang saya hampir tidak berfungsi dan dinasihatkan untuk suci buah pinggang. Produk TF diperkenalkan kepada saya oleh anak saya. Saya ambil TF Adv, Riovida, Cardio dan dlocoach untuk 6 bulan. Dalam 6 bulan ini, saya hampir pulih daripada kesemua penyakit tadi. Lebih 10 ketul batu karang keluar bersama air kencing. Doktor juga terkejut dengan fungsi buah pinggang dan beritahu saya tak perlu pergi untuk suci buah pinggang. Sebelum ini, saya diminta untuk mengunjungi doktor setiap bulan. Sekarang pula doktor ‘discharge’ saya dan menasihati saya tak perlu jumpa dia lagi. Terima Kasih kepada produk TF.

ZENA DAS - Migraine
I had been suffering from headaches and migraine for 20 years since the age of 17. I have been on pain killers such as caffargot, immigran, accedrin, tylenol and a couple of other pain killers throughout this period. My migraines became more accute the past 2 years and I resorted to getting voltran and anti-vomit jabs sometimes as often as 2-3 times a month, when the pain was unbearable. I started to take 2 caps of TF Advanced 3 times daily and within a week my headaches reduced tremendously and I didn't have to take any painkillers. It's been a year now and I'm very grateful to transfer factor as it has given me a new life!
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